About Us

My name is J. and I am the founder of Generation Nothing Co.
Like most people, I have my mental struggles. From anxiety to depression, I have faced a lot of hardships when it comes to mental health.
There was one specific time where I was having a hard time and didn't feel like there was anything good going on. In my mind, I felt like I couldn't keep putting up with it for much longer.
It was then when I came to the realization that there are tons of people in the world that feel the exact same way, and I wanted to change that.
So, I created a brand with the message "Making clothes for those who want to make a change." My vision for this company was to encourage the younger generation to spread more love and positivity into the world.
As a generation (Gen Z), we have a pretty negative reputation. We are looked at as a lazy, social media consumed, confused group of kids.
I made this company in hopes that we could show people that we are not a worthless generation. In fact, we're the generation that can change the world.
So, I encourage you, do something to make the world a better place.
Go sit with the kid at school who doesn't have friends.
Take a second and ask the person working the drive-thru how their day has been.
Invite your neighbor who recently lost their spouse over for dinner.
Marching in protests and holding signs isn't the only way to change the world.
Just be nice.
This world could use more love. 
I love you all, reach out to me on Instagram if you need someone to talk to